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ZEISS VisuMax®

Ideal platform for femtosecond laser solutions

With the VisuMax®  femtosecond laser, ZEISS is shaping the world of refractive surgery. This ground-breaking laser system employs high-performance femtosecond laser technology and is characterized by its cutting precision, speed and gentle treatment technique. The ZEISS VisuMax is thus the ideal platform for therapeutic and refractive laser applications such as Lenticule Extraction with SMILE® from ZEISS and Femto-LASIK flap cuts.

Extensive range of femtosecond laser applications

With its cutting precision, speed and gentle treatment approach, the ZEISS VisuMax is the ideal platform for cutting-edge corneal surgery applications – including Flaps, Keratoplasty, and Incisions for ICR and ZEISS SMILE.

In combination with the MEL® 90 excimer laser from ZEISS, furthermore, it addresses the wide-ranging needs of modern refractive surgical practices, such as PRK and Femto-LASIK.

The Advantages Of The VisuMax Laser During Laser Eye Surgery

Instead of using planar applanation, it uses a curved contact glass. The advantages of doing that are that you can create flaps without really increasing the intraocular pressure very much and this means that during the procedure patients really do retain vision throughout. Because of the curved contact glass and because the patient is able to self centre their eye on the fixation target and because the contact lens and the fixation target are coaxial, this system for all intents and purposes, auto centrates itself, it auto centrates the flap on the corneal vertex or visual axis, and that is exactly where you want it to be, because of course ablations should be centred on the visual axis

Lenticule Extraction

With SMILE, the ZEISS VisuMax offers a game-changing option for laser vision correction that is redefining refractive surgery. During the procedure a lenticule is created inside the cornea. The lenticule is subsequently extracted through a small incision, thereby achieving the desired vision correction.

ZEISS SMILE is based on a minimally invasive procedure in which the majority of the upper corneal layers remain intact. This bears the potential for preserving biomechanical stability. Aside from the small incision, ZEISS SMILE also enables the lamellar incision to be as small as possible, only slightly exceeding the effective optical zone diameter of the desired refractive correction. There is a potentially lower incidence of transient dry eye syndrome after SMILE compared to LASIK, as well as less nerve transection thanks to the smaller incision and lack of a flap.


For treatments such as Femto-LASIK, the ZEISS VisuMax delivers highly precise flaps.

With the VisuMax, ZEISS gives every surgeon the opportunity to use their preferred flap configuration. It creates the possibility of widely adjustable flap diameter, thickness, hinge position and side cut angle. Thanks to the high precision, the flap lift is easy to perform, facilitated by the high speed and optimized parameter settings.

Highly accurate outcomes thanks to outstanding cutting precision


High-precision ZEISS optics integrated in the ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond laser provide an extremely focused laser beam. The result: minimum laser pulse energy at a high pulse frequency for unsurpassed incision control – at precisely the desired depth of the cornea, with three-dimensional, curved incisions.

In addition to the ZEISS VisuMax’s cutting precision, perfectly matched energy settings and spot spacings contribute to a sophisticated cutting system that results in a very smooth stromal bed surface. The autocentration function of the ZEISS VisuMax ensures centration of the treatment on the vertex. These VisuMax features make Lenticule Extraction with SMILE from ZEISS a predictable and stable procedure for moderate to high myopia, as documented by long-term follow-up.

Anatomy-fitting contact glass

The ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond system individually measures each contact glass during a system test and auto-calibrates to ensure the exact laser spot positioning. Like the surface of the human cornea, ZEISS VisuMax contact glasses are curved. Available in three different sizes (S, M, L), they are optimally designed to fit the anatomy of the eye. As a result, the cornea largely retains its natural physiological shape. Artifacts are avoided in the cutting result, as is unnecessarily high IOP for the patient.

Experience driven

The cockpit design of the ZEISS VisuMax puts every control at the surgeon`s fingertips. It incorporates an easy-to-use, interactive touchscreen and intuitive software to assist the surgeon at every step of the procedure. The system features integrated slit illumination for immediate checkup – without the patient needing to be moved. With a laser pulse frequency of 500 kHz, the ZEISS VisuMax permits short treatment times for more comfort for both the physician and the patient.

Another advantage is the fast and efficient workflow when combined with the ZEISS MEL 90 excimer laser, which features a data connection and pivoting patient support system.