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 PRK – TransPRK

PRK stands for photorefractive keratectomy.  In PRK treatment, laser light is used to change the refraction and focusing of the cornea with world’s most advanced Zeiss MEL90. We gently remove the skin from the surface of the cornea and reshape the cornea from its top.  The skin grows back naturally and the process can take 3 days.

Live TransPRK (Zeiss ASA) Laser Session

Zeiss personalised PRK – TransPRK (ASA) Explained Further…

In PRK laser eye treatment, the surface layer (epithelium) of the eye is treated with alcohol and MitomycinC solution. The permanent corneal layer beneath the epithelium is then reshaped, correctly readjusting the vision. The surface layer heals naturally by the eye in 72 hours.

In Zeiss Personalised TransPRK (ASA All laser surface ablation) laser eye treatment, similar to PRK, the surface layer of the eye is treated with LASER ONLY.  The cornea below the epithelium is then reshaped, correctly readjusting the vision. The surface layer heal naturally in 72 hours.

In PRK/TransPRK ASA eye treatment, no corneal flap is made. The recovery time is much slower in PRK than Zeiss personalised TransPRK (ASA). PRK takes longer to achieve results than TransPRK ASA.


 Femto Lasik MEL90

Zeiss personalised Double Laser ASA TransPRK

It is now possible to perform “no touch” laser eye surgery with the Zeiss advanced MEL90 laser. Trans-epithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy or TransPRK (ASA), is the surface treatment where the eye doesn’t require contact with any surgical instrument. Due to smaller laser surface area, patients with TransPRK (ASA) benefit from a quicker recovery time and ultimately achieve outstanding results.

Femto Lasik

Transprk Procedure

TransPRK ASA is a new one-step incision-free procedure. The skin of the eye cornea is gently removed and the cornea shape is precisely changed with the MEL90 laser.  The procedure takes less than one minute. Unlike LASIK, there is no incision or flap created in the cornea with TransPRK (ASA).

Benefits of Zeiss TransPRK ASA

  • No touch – all laser
  • It removes the epithelium more precisely and easily than in PRK
  • Smaller corneal surface laser treated area so it heals quicker
  • The epithelium and stroma can be treated at the same time and with greater accuracy
  • Overall treatment time is shortened than PRK
  • It minimizes the risks of corneal dehydration than PRK

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