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Corneal Topography

Corneal Topography is a procedure used to monitor and measure changes that may occur to the shape and integrity of the cornea of your eye. A series of images are produced which are helpful for analyzing the health of your eyes.


Pentacam Topography produces a shape ‘map’ of the front and back surfaces of your cornea. We use it to measure the curvature of your eye. To do this we at smile laser eye centre multan use the Pentacam the Gold Standard in Topography.


What does the Pentacam assess?

  • The cornea – a Pentacam scan provides qualitative data used to assess the cornea. This includes topography and elevation maps of the anterior and posterior corneal surface, in addition to central and peripheral pachymetry. The capture of pachymetry allows for pachymetry-based IOP correction.
  • The anterior chamber – the Pentacam determines its depth, volume and angle.
  • The crystalline lens – the Pentacam provides a detailed analysis of the lens density, allowing visualisation of lens opacities.


The Pentacam® is a rotating Scheimpflug camera system for anterior segment analysis. It measures topography and elevation of the anterior and posterior corneal surface and the corneal thickness. It includes Overview display, Fast Screening Report, 1 Large Map, 4 Maps Refractive, Scheimpflug Image Overview, Virtual Eye, Tomography, Iris Image, Topometric and Comparison displays.