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Femto Lasik Smile Laser Eye Centre Multan

Femto Lasik

The Femto Pressure-Free Lasik on ViSuMax is an advanced Next Generation development of the classical Lasik. It is a safe technology for patients suffering from short-sightedness, far-sightedness as well as from corneal curvature.

The Femto Lasik on ViSuMax is the “pressure-free” method of eye laser. The high-precision Femtoseconds Zeiss ViSuMax Next Generation laser create the thin corneal flap under constant IOP.

All FEMTO laser machines are not the same

Previously in pakistan, Femto Lasik was done with high pressure Ziemer Femto machines, but at Smile Laser Eye Centre Multan pressure-free LASIK is done at Femto ViSuMax (the only Next Generation Femto Laser machine of the world). ViSuMax uses a unique technique called ‘corneal applanation’ to keep the IOP (IntraOcular Pressure) of the eye stable during the Laser procedure. This saves eye from undue harmful pressures and give 100% damage-free results for lifetime.

Normal reading of IOP of a normal eye is around 15mmHg. No other FEMTO laser of the world is smart enough to keep the IOP stable during laser procedure. All other Femto machines of the world use ‘planner applanation’ that exert high pressures (up to 300mmHg) during FEMTO LASIK procedure. Hence, Zeiss Femto ViSuMax is the only true advanced 100% SAFEST FEMTO of the world. Ensuring No RISK of Eye Floaters.

Be 100% Safe and always ask for ViSuMax before you go for eye laser treatment.

Femto Lasik Smile Laser Eye Centre Multan

The advantages of Femto Lasik

  • More safety and higher precision with the Femtoseconds laser Zeiss ViSuMax
  • 100% SAFEST
  • Precise and accurate flap
  • “No tissue bridges” are formed in the Visumax flap making the raising of the flap simplest
  • Only Pressure-Free Femto method maintaining constant IOP (No Risk of Eye Floater)
  • No risk of increased floaters due to pressure free VisuMax
  • Soft and fast intervention
  • Treatment is possible at an advanced stage of defective vision
  • Treatment is possible with scarse corneal density
  • Zeiss ViSuMax creates the most superior thin and even flap therefore the FEMTO Visumax LASIK is also suitable for patients with very thin corneas.
  • MEL® 90 excimer laser unique features like the FLEXIQUENCE® switch function (250 Hz / 500 Hz), the Triple-A ablation profile and the outstanding intra-operative ablation speed make the effective treatment range between -15D to +8D with 6 Cyl giving the highest treatment options for any type of number with maximum tissue saving in the world

 Femto Lasik Mel90 visumax

Tissue Saving with Triple-A algorithm

The Femtoseconds laser ViSuMax® of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, employed by the Smile Laser Eye Center allows the surgeon within a few seconds to make a microscopic laser incision in the cornea thus creating the flap. MEL90 excimer laser is equipped with the most advanced Triple-A algorithm. Triple-A functionality gives the highest level of tissue saving. With this laser system it is possible to treat defective vision in a precise and tissue saving manner.


Femto Lasik


Femto Lasik Treatment Step by Step


Contact lenses influence the form and shape of your cornea. Please do not use the contact lenses 3 days before your treatment.

The morning of the laser treatment:

Start your day with your usual routines. Cleanse the eye zone carefully. On the day of  treatment do not use cosmetic products such as facial cream, make-up or perfume. You can eat and drink normally.

Femto Lasik


Laser treatment:

It is an outpatient treatment and takes around 12 minutes for both eyes. A bit of excitement and tension is completely normal. Before treatment, we check all data before anesthetizing the first eye with eye drops. The Femtosecond laser VisuMax® generates the corneal lid called the flap for both the eyes. The surgeon shapes the cornea with the Excimer laser MEL90 to obtained optimum refractive power. An eye-tracker tracks your eye movement during surgery. The tracker controls the laser so that it is perfectly positioned for minimal eye movement . The flap is moved back into its old position in the next step. The flap closes automatically within seconds.

There is no need for other post-surgical measures. You are not allowed to drive a car after the treatment for few hours. It is recommended that family or friends collect you. You can use the public transport as well.


Femto Lasik


After the treatment:

Be careful not to rub your eyes after the treatment for 3 to 4 days. Though the flap closes quickly the cornea has not yet achieved its previous strength. Next day you can go back to work and undergo sports activities. Swimming and Makeup should be avoided for 3 weeks. Should you have any question you can always call us.

Femto Lasik


Introducing CRS Master in Pakistan for Customized Topography Guided Femto Lasik Treatment


The CRS-Master from ZEISS is a flexible and efficient remote treatment planning station for conventional and customized laser vision corrections. It also enables age-related binocular treatment planning for presbyopia patients using PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision from ZEISS.

crs master

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