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ZEISS MEL 90 Advanced excimer laser technology

Specially designed for the needs of the modern refractive surgeon, the MEL® 90 excimer laser from ZEISS incorporates reliable outcomes, proven safety and individually configurable options. Unique product features like the FLEXIQUENCE® switch function (250 Hz / 500 Hz), the Triple-A ablation profile and the outstanding intra-operative ablation speed create entirely new excimer laser treatment prospects.




  Fast ablation speed

With its unique FLEXIQUENCE switch function (250 Hz and 500 Hz operation) and additional configuration options, the ZEISS MEL 90 is a true customized power package. When performing Femto LASIK for myopia at 500 Hz, the ZEISS MEL 90 can intra-operatively ablate 1 diopter in as little as 1.3 seconds. Intuitive system guidance and speedy treatment planning allow for additional time savings. The ZEISS MEL 90 excimer laser technology is equipped with an active eye tracker which has an excellent response time, providing a high level of treatment safety with very stable results. The advantageous FLEXIQUENCE function is propperly supported by the adaptive sensor-controlled CCA+ plume removal system.



Easy to use

As a true team player, the ZEISS MEL 90 excimer laser greatly simplifies the interactions between the surgeon, the assisting staff and the system technology. The excimer laser can be configured to precisely match the surgeon and OR team`s needs. The ZEISS MEL 90 is a highly reliable system requiring very little service maintenance. The system’s simple, intuitive graphic user interface supports fast treatment procedures.