• June 4, 2020
  • Smile Laser Eye Center Multan
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Zeiss Personalised PRK / TransPRK (ASA)

PRK is the acronym for photorefractive keratectomy.  We use light photon to change the refraction, focusing of the keratectomy of the cornea and that is done with most advanced Zeiss MEL90, in the same way as Femto Bladeless LASIK is done, but instead of creating a flap and lasering the bed and putting the flap back, which heals in three hours, we gently polish the skin off the surface of the cornea and we reshape right from the top of the cornea.  The skin has to grow back, that process can take 3 days. The recovery time is much slower in Zeiss Personalised PRK than Zeiss Personalised TransPRK (ASA).  The results of PRK/TransPRK and Bladeless LASIK are exactly the same.